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    Sport can make a better place for everyone !

    When you are on a football field, everybody follows the same rules. It does not matter if you are a girl or a boy, if you are tall or small, if your family has a lot of money or not so
    much. You are all equal and this is what makes football and sport so powerful.
    In football, everybody has fun together and all want the same thing: scoring a
    goal !

    Can you imagine if we could feel the same way outside sport, and have fun together by saving the planet? For example, by helping poor people, or by cleaning waste on the beaches!

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    Professor Muhammad Yunus believes you can do it ! Professor Yunus is an amazing Professor who has done great things to help people in need, in the whole world. For example, with his students, he has created a bank to lend money to the poorest people. Prof Yunus calls his
    work “social business”.

    But, what is “Social Business”?

    Wherever you live, there may be some problems which bother you because you think they are not fair or they make you feel sad for others. For example, some people are very poor but others are very rich. Or you may feel that at school, it is more difficult to be a girl than a
    boy. A social business is a business to solve these problems. 

    Here is an example !

    Maybe you feel that the word “social business” is still a bit vague for you, so we will tell you the history of Leo, to show you an example:

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    “Near the stadium where Leo plays football, there are poor people who do not have money to buy food. Leo can give them his money to buy food, but very soon he will run out of money
    himself. So he needs to find another solution !”

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    Leo had an idea: he remembered that at his football club, people like to buy jerseys during the football games. If Leo sells them some sports jerseys, he will make some money. With
    this money, he can buy food for the poor people. The more jerseys he sells, the more food he will be able to buy for poor people, and he will never run out of money! Leo created a small business of jerseys, to solve a problem: this is a social business !”

    If you still feel this is a bit complicated, do not hesitate to ask an adult to explain you. Some problems can seem difficult to overcome. But with social business, it is possible to solve them, and as Professor Yunus says, the most important thing is to do it with joy!

    Published on June 14, 2022