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The more you play football, the more you change the game

your Danone Nations club points help children get access to safe water

Let's give access to safe water to children, to their class, to their schools : so don't waste a second, grab your ball and contribute to this great goal !

Support each other✨ to make our world a better place ✨

Every point earned on the Danone Nations Club contributes to giving access to water to children around the world
  • classrooms
  • schools

Our support partners

Every point earned on the Danone Nations Club contributes to support our partners providing children safe access to water

Since 1998, Naandi, which in Sanskrit means 'a new beginning', is one of the largest and fastest growing social sector organisations in India working to make poverty history.

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Nazava is a social enterprise that strives to provide safe drinking water to everyone everywhere by producing and selling the best yet affordable household water filters.

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Oshun provides a small and easy-to-run water treatment system that is installed in a kiosk, called the WaterKiosk. Oshun operates in Senegal.

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Supporting children around the world

Since 2019, DNC is committed to support children in changing the game. DNC was dedicated to help children grow as citizens of the world, with the same possibility to access primary needs, such as education. The Club which continued DNC's involvement and has been supporting Naandi since 2020, to give young Indian girls access to education.

2022, new season, new partners

2022 is a new season for the Club under the sign of access to water. By doing so, the Club focused on supporting its partners in giving children access to water. The committment expanded by adding up on top of Oshun and Naandi, a new partner: Nazava.



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